Kitchen Day

I think I may have overdone it in the kitchen today because I’m freaking exhausted. Fortunately, I have butter tarts to make the pain go away.


For the third time this week, I woke up exhausted and not particularly motivated. While I somehow managed to cross off several things from my weekly to-do list, by around lunchtime today it had somehow doubled in size.

A Baking Marathon

Apparently, I was all sorts of ambitious on Saturday when I decided to put into action my desire to make Pain Au Chocolat. Honestly, what the hell was I thinking? All I know is that sometime last week I was perusing the vast array of food porn that one finds littering the various corners of…

Sinking Bagels

I wasn’t planning on making anything today, and then bagels happened. To be honest, I’m not even sure how I landed on the idea of let’s make bagels, but I did, and I’m not complaining.

Rage Smashing Berry Scones

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Then I found myself trying to keep my rage in check as I fell into a black hole of news.

This Is Not The Recipe You’re Looking For

In my ongoing and physical distancing inspired adventure to try new recipes, I decided today that I should probably put to use the frozen chicken legs that have been patiently awaiting their culinary fate since they were delivered in my Trotters big box-o-meat a week or so ago. As per usual, I sought inspiration through…

A Cup Of Gold

Short and sweet – I made another new thing today. Introducing my first ever Turmeric Latte. So bright and warm and delicious.