Pandemic Coffee Cake

This week my friend, my academic soul mate, and my awkward cousin turned 40. As part of the celebration, and in lieu of actually getting together – thank you very much pandemic – we decided that cake was in order.

Mmmm, Donuts

After a rather long week that could be best described as a glorious dumpster fire, I decided that the only way to recover was to treat myself to some donuts. To be honest, I would have much preferred treating myself to an adventure that involved a plane and a far away land, but given the…

Around The World In 10 Photos

Just over a week ago I was nominated by my friend Charlie to take part in another photo challenge. This is not the first photo challenge for which I’ve been nominated, but since I haven’t done one in a while, and since I can’t travel at the moment because of physical distancing, I figured it…

Pizza Pi

I’m rather disappointed with myself. Yesterday I made pizza dough for the first time in my life, and not once did I think about pizza pi. The math nerd inside of me is devastated.

Today I Had A Plan

After a rather long and weird week, I decided today to do my best to avoid all things academic. And outside of answering a few emails, writing a few blog posts, and playing around with some data, I think I was rather successful.

More Please

Sweet baby Jesus, I think I just made the sweetest, gooey-est, most delicious butter tart squares that have ever been made. I’m seriously concerned that I might die from an overdose of sugar.