We All Scream

Last week I received a message from a friend that contained a link, and nothing more. My reply was a simple but heartfelt Sweet Baby Jesus!

Leftover Delivery System

I treated myself to an order of Bombay Kitchen deliciousness on Friday knowing full well that it was substantially more than one person – or more accurately, three people – could reasonably eat. Because leftovers.

A Taste Of Africa

Since the temperatures dropped down to the mid 20s today, I decided that it made sense to make a stew. Because nothing says cool and refreshing like a hearty summer stew.

Monster Cookies

Cookies are nothing new to my kitchen. But until today I’ve never attempted to make the famous Levain Bakery cookies.

I Do Not Understand Time

We have officially witnessed more than 50% of the moments this year has to offer, and yet the seconds that have tick-tocked away can’t explain the last 184 days. How is it that March and April felt like the longest decades ever, yet May and June came and went in an instant?