My First COVID-19 Shot

For the past few weeks I’ve been patiently waiting for an appointment to get the first of the COVID-19 vaccines. Today was my day, and I am happy in a way that I am finding difficult to put into words.

The Chocolate & Peanut Butter Solution

The last few weeks have been both physically and mentally draining. Between adjusting to new routines following the unexpected loss of the wee fuzzball, dealing with the impacts of yet another completely predicted and likely preventable third pandemic wave here in Ontario, and back, neck, and shoulder pain that wakes me every night (the cumulation…

And I Would Walk 500 Miles

This year I set a bunch of health related goals (as I normally do), including a promise to myself to move more. With slightly more than one quarter of the year under our belts, I thought it would be a good idea to check in to see how things were going.

C Is For Cookie

After a casual stroll by the river yesterday morning, I decided that I needed to burn off some extra energy in the kitchen. I really didn’t have a plan or a specific craving, so I basically perused the interwebs until I found something that caught my eye.