Off To A Good Start

As I mentioned back in the old time-y days of 2012, my attempt to log 1000 miles on my treadmill before I rang in 2013 ended just shy of my goal1. While I could have put in the extra miles on the 31st of December, I opted to prevent a potential injury and call it […]

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Cleaning House – Nerd Style

Being the a place for everything and everything in its place kind of man who I am, I have taken on the task of revamping my Not-So-Bucket-List list. I did this mainly because I was getting tired of searching for things in the ever-growing list. I also didn’t like the aesthetics of such a massive list where some […]

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Wanderlusting Version 2013

I have a wee confession to make; despite my attempt to travel as often as I can – what with my insatiable wanderlust – I have realized that there is no way that I’m going to be able to use up all of my vacation days this year. Not even close. Despite my failure to […]

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Goals For 2013

Being a man who likes lists, it should probably come as no surprise that I’ve decided to set up a list of things1 I’d like to accomplish in 2013. Some of the goals are on the list because I didn’t quite meet them in 2012. Some of the goals are exactly the same as other […]

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A Good Day To Be Lazy

Remember back in the remaining days of October when Rick, Dr. Beth, and I had agreed to make November a Three-way Challenge of Awesomeness? Our mission – if you recall – was to spend time each and every day of the month doing some form of physical activity; be that walking, running, biking, stretching, or […]

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The Countdown Starts Now

Holy crapshite it’s the end of July. Seriously, how the frick did that happen? It seems like the winter semester just ended, and here we are with the fall semester fast approaching. Eep! So much to do. So many grants to prepare, lessons to plan, papers to write, meetings to fall asleep in. Ha! Fortunately, as […]

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