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Off To A Good Start

w00t times 1000
w00t times 1000

As I mentioned back in the old time-y days of 2012, my attempt to log 1000 miles on my treadmill before I rang in 2013 ended just shy of my goal1. While I could have put in the extra miles on the 31st of December, I opted to prevent a potential injury and call it a day.

I do not regret that decision.

In fact, I regret it even less today because I managed to get my lazy ass on the treadmill and knock out the required distance to put me over the top. The number 1000 never looked so good2.

The best part about this is that I get to cross something off of my Not-So-Bucket-List list, making two items in two days3. What an awesome start to the year.

Of course, I don’t think I’ll necessarily be able to sustain this pace all year. Most of my Not-So-Bucket-List items require a significant time contribution, and there are other things I need to do – such as work, stretch, bike, sleep, and veg out with the wee fuzzball.

Regardless, I think I’m going to bask in the warming glow that is crossing off two items in two days for the rest of the eve. In fact, I may have a scotch to celebrate.

1 Approximately 4 miles shy, to be exact.

2 See how shiny and awesome it looks below?

3 The first being to set up a budget for 2013. Which I did. Yesterday. Because I’m a nerd. W00t!


Cleaning House – Nerd Style

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Being the a place for everything and everything in its place kind of man who I am, I have taken on the task of revamping my Not-So-Bucket-List list. I did this mainly because I was getting tired of searching for things in the ever-growing list. I also didn’t like the aesthetics of such a massive list where some items were crossed off, and some were not.

I like clean lists.

I like organization.

My Not-So-Bucket-List had neither of those characteristics.

To deal with these issues I decided to take action. I poured myself a large cup of coffee, grabbed a snack, put on some writing tunes, and set myself to task – clean up, clear out, organize, overhaul, and improve my existing Not-So-Bucket-List list. And that dear readers is why I present to you my New And Improved Not So Bucket List list. You can find it up there in the menu bar labelled NAI-NSBL. The NAI stands for New And Improved.

But what’s so new and improved about it? you’re probably wondering.

Well, first off the list is now categorized. You’ll be able to find items classified under one of the following categories: Academic, Adventure, Culinary, Culture, Exercise, Finances, House, Other, Reading, and Travel. Second, the categories are also alphabetized1. Crazy, right?

To avoid the New Coke vs. Old Coke type of mass hysteria the old list will live on here, but it will no longer be updated. Further, in order to keep things spic-and-span, I’ll be moving all of the things I manage to do to another list known as my Not So Bucket List Been There Done That (NSBL-BTDT). In this way, I’ll be able to easily figure out month-over-month and year-over-year statistics. Yes, I am that nerdy.

For those with a keen eye, you’ll also noticed that some of the incomplete items on the original list have not made it onto the new list. Some have been removed because I was advised by my good friend and chiropractor Dr. Mark that they were really bad for my back2, while others were removed because the danger factor was deemed to be far too high3. I’m sure my mom will be relieved to read that.

As always, if you have any crazy ideas of items I should add to my list please pass them along. I’m always open to new and crazy adventures.

1 Because 4 out of 5 Scienticians suggest that alphabetized categories are about 315% better than non-alphabetized lists.

2 I’m specifically referring to all of the sit-up challenges I had on my list.

3 Base-jumping, how I wish you weren’t so deadly. And honestly, the only reason this is really off my list is that the time commitment required to get to the point where I could base-jump is far outside of the time I’d actually have available to do it. I think. I may re-evaluate this at a later date.

Wanderlusting Version 2013

Oh the places I’ll go…

I have a wee confession to make; despite my attempt to travel as often as I can – what with my insatiable wanderlust – I have realized that there is no way that I’m going to be able to use up all of my vacation days this year. Not even close.

Despite my failure to use up all of my allotted vacation time, I have still managed several trips this year, including Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Quebec, and Calgary. And that doesn’t even include that epic adventure with Rick known as the Big Mountain Challenge. While the trips weren’t necessarily as frequent1 as in previous years, they were fantastic, and filled with adventure filled shenanigans. I have absolutely zero complaints about any of them.

Of course, having written that, and with the knowledge that I won’t be using up all of my allotted vacation time this year, I think I need to set myself a task. Specifically, I need to ensure that next year I use up all of my vacation time and I do so by travelling as much as I can.

So, dear readers, I present to you my newest challenge. In 2013 I need to travel to at least 12 different cities outside of Ontario2,3. I think this is completely within the realm of possibility because I already have some trips in mind4 for various reasons:

  1. January – Orlando, Florida (Goofy Race).
  2. March – Las Vegas, Nevada (wedding).
  3. May – Edmonton, Alberta (Annual Meeting of the SSC).
  4. June – Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador (CUExpo 2013).
  5. June – Banff, Alberta (Banff marathon).
  6. July – Calgary, Alberta (Gran Fondo race with Mel).
  7. August – Calgary, Alberta (visit Rick and hopefully climb Mount Temple).
  8. September – New York City, New York (vacation).
  9. October – Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia (Victoria marathon & visit Beth).

Of course, I’m also hoping to cross the pond at some point, and I’d like to visit my friends Ben & Erin in Chicago, Arlene in New Jersey, and Amanda in the Great White North.

Whether or not I manage these trips specifically, or replace them with other trips, the goal is the same: twelve different cities outside of Ontario in twelve months.

I’ve totally got this.

1 Or international.

2 The further the better.

3 This does not have to be a monthly activity, although that would be awesome.

3 All of these are completely tentative and will depend both on budget and whether or not certain friends are available.

Goals For 2013

This list is null and void if the predicted Mayan apocalypse turns out to be true.

Being a man who likes lists, it should probably come as no surprise that I’ve decided to set up a list of things1 I’d like to accomplish in 2013.

Some of the goals are on the list because I didn’t quite meet them in 2012.

Some of the goals are exactly the same as other goals I set in 20122.

Some of the goals extend my successes from previous years.

And some of the goals – well – some of the goals are just crazy new adventures that my brain put together and now I want need to attempt.

So, without further ado, I present to you my glorious list of crazy adventures, goals, and other such action items for 2013:

  • Run 1610 km (1000 miles)
  • Walk 1610 km (1000 miles)
  • Bike 1610 km (1000 miles)
  • Enter and run 12 races
  • Run at least 12 half marathons (or greater)
  • Run at least 3 marathons
  • Visit New York City at least once
  • Publish 1 post per week on my professor blog
  • Compete in the Tough Mudder
  • Submit at least 5 papers to peer reviewed journals
  • Continue to build my scotch collection (with at least 6 new bottles in 2013)
  • Install hardwood flooring in my bedrooms
  • Paint the bedrooms and bathroom
  • Cook or bake at least 12 new things
  • Run at least 1 marathon in a province (or territory) other than Ontario
  • Drink more water
  • Stretch more
  • Conquer Temple Mountain
  • Do the CN Tower climb – sub 16 minutes
  • Do the CN Tower Edge Walk again
  • Skydive again
  • Travel to Ottawa to visit Matt
  • Travel to Calgary to visit Rick
  • Travel to Vancouver to visit Beth
  • Go Bungee jumping
  • Get more sleep (> 5 hrs 36 mins per night – my current average)
  • Epic bike ride with Mel

Of course, this list is a draft and clearly open to additions – so feel free to suggest any and all crazy adventures you can think of that you think I’d be interested in.

And a note to 2013: you’re going to be awesome.

1 Note: these are goals, not resolutions. I don’t make resolutions because I will almost always break my resolutions. It’s a thing I do.

2 Because why do something once when you can do it twice?

A Good Day To Be Lazy

Today was a good day to be lazy
Today was a good day to be lazy

Remember back in the remaining days of October when Rick, Dr. Beth, and I had agreed to make November a Three-way Challenge of Awesomeness? Our mission – if you recall – was to spend time each and every day of the month doing some form of physical activity; be that walking, running, biking, stretching, or strength training.

While the three of us are usually active folk, for various reasons we all felt that we were slacking when it came to exercise. Naturally this gave rise to the November challenge.

Well, being December 1 you may be wondering how things went? From my point of view I was technically successful. I walked, ran, or stretched every day. I also threw the odd push up or two into the mix. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I spent some time with my chin up bar as well. It seems like I should feel good about this, right?

Sadly, although I completed the challenge I don’t feel like I put forth my best effort. My month was active, but not as active as it could have been. I could have spent more time running, or stretching, or doing push ups. I could have walked an extra kilometre or two by simply picking a different route to the school. I did none of these things. And because of this, I feel that I brought a C-Game, perhaps a B-Game at best.

What does all of this mean? It means that I’m going to redouble my efforts this month – which is going to be rather difficult given the ubiquity of Christmas parties and Christmas cookies and Christmas beverages and oh my god so many delicious Christmas treats. I can’t look back and regret what I didn’t do; I need to embrace what I accomplished, and push myself to new levels this month. And I will. That’s a promise.

Of course, since today was a perfect day to catch up on some much needed snuggling time with the wee fuzzball, my redoubling efforts will have to wait until tomorrow. I am only human afterall.


A Cure For The Cold And Flu Seasons

Oh summer, how I love your sunshiny carefree laughing and carrying-on with friends kind of ways.

As I sit here looking out of my window1, I have realized that the last two days have really done an amazing job of reminding me that summer is over. The fact that it’s just after 7 and the sky is already dark really says it all.

You’ll have to excuse me, I don’t think I’ve finished mourning summer’s departure yet. I’ve got nothing against autumn2, I just miss all the heat and the sun and the blue-sky goodness.

Sweet baby jebus, autumn isn’t even a week old and I’m already wanting to hibernate. I clearly need to do something about this otherwise I’ll never survive the next 8 months.

Fortunately I have a bunch of things on my list that I could do, it’s just a matter of deciding on which of these to do. For example, there are at least two weddings early next year that will involve travel – both to locations where the sun never seems to leave. Obviously these are high on my list.

There’s also the Goofy Race in January. Since I’ve already committed a sizable fortune to that event, and since my friend Mark and I have agreed to run this together, it’s on the definitely happening list.

Between now and January, however, is where I’m drawing a blank. I’ve got a few races scheduled. I also have that little thing known as renovate the aftermath that is my flooded condo. And of course there is the course that I’m teaching – which to be honest is a lot of fun even if it is taking up about 80% more time than I had anticipated. I’m just not quite sure that this is enough to get me through. 

So, dear readers, I guess I’m left wondering what crazy and wonderful things I could add to my list over the next few months that will get me through the cold and flu seasons. I’m looking for personal challenges (of all sorts and sizes), weird and wonderful competitions, crazy adventures, outings, hikes, races, and all things in between. It could be related to photography, fashion, food, travel, yoga, tattoos, must listen to music, must see movies, or must read books. Be creative. Be awesome.

I can’t promise I’ll accomplish all of them, but I’ll give it a go at least. If you’ve got an idea, please leave it in the comments below.

1 Not an easy task given all of the stuff that is still in the way after the floods. Boo floods. Boo floods indeed.

2 Save for the fact that it paves the wave for that cold and stupid wintery season3.

3 Okay, okay. Hate might be a strong word. I mean, winter does have it’s perks – like snowshoeing, bobsledding, skiing, snowball fights, hot chocolate, and winter running. But it’s also the season where I freeze, and I hate me when I freeze.

The Countdown Starts Now

Calvin and Hobbes. So wise. 

Holy crapshite it’s the end of July. Seriously, how the frick did that happen? It seems like the winter semester just ended, and here we are with the fall semester fast approaching. Eep! So much to do. So many grants to prepare, lessons to plan, papers to write, meetings to fall asleep in. Ha!

Fortunately, as of end of day tomorrow (which will be late tomorrow eve), I am not going to care about any of this stuff. As soon as my last meeting ends on Wednesday I will officially be on vacation. W00t!

What have I got planned for my week off? Pretty much anything that resembles goofing off, adventuring, and/or shenaniganning. To start, I’m going to head into Toronto on Thursday with my friend Manon. Our purpose? We have none. We’re just going to go and figure out what happens once we’re there. Friday I’m meeting up with Steph and then heading to her cottage until Monday1 afternoon. The weekend will be filled with delicious food, delicious beverages, delicious s’mores, and of course a ridiculous amount of laughter. I can’t wait.

As for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week – I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ll be back in Guelph and possibly spending the time puttering, running, biking, or vegging downtown whilst sipping coffee and people watching. Who knows? The point is – I won’t be working.

And that, dear readers, is enough to get me through the craziness that will be this eve and tomorrow.

1 Would-be thieves should note that my house is protected by an attack-cat. He’s cute and cuddly, but if he doesn’t know who you are, and you don’t know the secret password, he’ll claw your face off. Okay, he’ll perhaps lick you and then snuggle in your lap – but you’ll be covered in so much hair that you’ll be hard pressed to prove you weren’t in my house. Also, friends are house-sitting.

Taking A Break

So apparently I’ve been working steady since about 7:30 this morning. How it’s now after 11 pm is beyond me. I remember getting home around 5:30, having some food, rubbing Elliot’s belly, and then plopping myself in front of my trusty laptop to continue working on a grant application1, and one of three other draft proposals. The former is due on Wednesday, the latter three are due tomorrow.

Clearly my work day is not over.

However, given the hour I thought it best to take a break, have a scotch2, stretch, rub Elliot’s belly a little more, and clear my mind.

Having stretched, and with glass-o-scotch3 firmly in hand, I figured that I should take some time to review my exercise challenges for the year. I mean, it is July 30th – almost 60% of the year is behind us.

First, let’s review some of the goals I had set for myself this year.

  1. Run a sub 4 hour marathon,
  2. Run two marathons in a month,
  3. Run three marathons this year,
  4. Run 1610 km this year,
  5. Walk 1500 km this year, and
  6. Bike 2200 km this year.

So how am I doing?

Not too shabby I think. First, I ran a sub 4 hour marathon in May. Later that month I ran marathon number two – successfully crossing off the first two items on the list. I’m scheduled to run marathon number three in October – so hopefully, barring injury, I’ll be crossing that item off my list as well.

According to RunKeeper, I’ve walked, I’ve run, or I’ve biked a total of 2020.4 km this year. To put it another way, 2020.4 km is roughly the distance from Guelph to Winnipeg.

Crazy stuff!

Breaking it down by category, I’ve achieved 53% of my walking goal, 40% of my running goal, and 25% of my biking goal.

But Dan, you say, 60% of the year has passed and you haven’t reached 60% of any of your goals!

That is correct, but fear not dear readers, as I am not worried. At least, not yet. Let me explain why.

My running numbers will surely be helped given that I’m about to start another few months of crazy long races. Specifically, I’ve got a 30 km race planned for August, a half marathon (or two) planned for September, the previously mentioned marathon in October, and a half marathon + two 5 km runs (back to back to back) in November. And there is of course the training that I’ll need to put in for all of these races, plus the crazy-ass adventure known as the Goofy Race that I’ve decided to run in January4.

From a biking perspective, I only started riding in May. So, in three short months I’ve already logged 25% of the total that I’ve set myself to bike this year. And given that I’m training to do a 100 km bike ride (with the possibility of something longer), I’m sure I can hit this goal as well. It works out to biking 330 km per month until the end of the year, or slightly less than 11 km per day. Since my bike to and from school accounts for more than half of the required 11 km I’d need to ride per day, I’m thinking 2200 km shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve.

Walking is the one activity I’m not so confident with. To hit my goal I need to walk about 4.6 km per day, every day, for the rest of the year. If I were to walk to and from school every day, this would be easily achieved – but then my biking goal would likely suffer. Clearly I need to find a balance between biking and walking – perhaps walking more frequently and saving my biking kilometres for longer treks. Something I’ll have to consider.

Regardless, I’m pretty happy with how things have been progressing for the year. We’ll see if I can stick to this and somehow make each of my goals.

I have to wonder though, how do I reward myself if I manage to cross off all six of these things on my list?

1 Specifically a Notification of Intent (NOI) to apply for the grant.

2 Because all good NOIs and proposals are written with scotch. That’s a rule – you should probably write it down.

3A very nice dram of 10-year-old Jura:


4 For those not in the know, the Goofy Race includes a half marathon (to be run on Saturday, January 12) and a full marathon (to be run on Sunday, January 13).

Another One Bites The Dust

Dear Item #81 on my Not-So-Bucket-List list,

After quite a lengthy stay as a full-fledged member of the as-yet-to-do on my Not-So-Bucket-List, I have decided that you have paid your dues and should be rewarded for this. As such, as of today – July 22, 2012 – I happily upgrade your status from as-yet-to-do to so-freaking-done. 

Let me explain my reasoning. First, you’ve sat patiently on my list, never questioning why I was spending so much time dealing with the other items around you – even some of those that arrived after you. I appreciate that. Second, you’ve been around so long (since the inception of my list) I realized that I was neglecting you. And that is just plain wrong. I apologize for that. Third, and this is probably the most important reason for your movement to the so-freaking-done class:

You are so freaking done!

80+ km of bike-y goodness

That’s right folks, today was the day that I finally managed a full 80+km bike ride. And I have to say, despite the fact that my body is rather tired right now, it felt great. The pace was comfortable, I felt strong, and the weather couldn’t have been better – even if it was a little bit warm.

I do, however, need to fuel better. By the end of the bike, I realized just how dehydrated and hungry I was. Sadly, that meant I was also rather tired so a nap won out over all other issues. I’ve since corrected the hydration issue, but still need to pump about 2000 Calories into my gob if I intend not to be in a Caloric deficit today. Given the hour of the day, and the amount of food that I typically eat, I think I’m going to have to eat a big-ole-bowl of deep-fried lard to avoid that.

Anyway, now that I’ve successfully crossed off item #81, I have to set my focus on bigger and better goals – such as biking 100km, or perhaps even biking 160km.

Bring it!

Letting Go. Getting Lost.

I need to do this. And soon.

This morning when I awoke all I could think was No, please, please, please, for the love of all things holy and sacred in this world, please don’t make me get out of bed right now.

Even Elliot looked at me with a sense of disgust on his face; as if to ask Why would you even consider leaving our comfy bed at this time of the day?1

I really didn’t have an answer. I begrudgingly got out of bed, tried to shake off the feeling that I still needed another hour of sleep and went about preparing for my day.

My day was not much different from most other days. As I’ve written before it was all about meetings2. Today’s meeting required a 3 hour drive. This meant I had to get up an hour earlier than normal so that I could get on the road with my colleagues at an appropriate time so that we wouldn’t be late.


Wait. No. Getting up early for a meeting 3 hours away was the complete opposite of fun. But I digress.

The meeting went as expected. That is to say, our agenda was longer than could be tackled in one meeting, but we did manage to cross off several crucial items. Overall, I’ll give the meeting a 6.5 out of 10.

This is a great way to clear my mind and reset.

Anyway, flash forward to 5pm when I finally returned home. As soon as I walked in the door, and clearly after I gave Elliot a quick belly rub and some treats, I had to play catch up on all the emails I had missed. Amongst the collection of emails, one stuck out. It was an email related to a Letter of Intent (LOI) that Dr. Beth and I had put together for a larger grant competition.

Sadly, our LOI was not among those asked to compete in the full competition.


To say that we were bummed would be an understatement. A few expletives may have fallen from our mouths3.

Regardless, it got me thinking this eve. Clearly this morning my mind was telling me something. I wasn’t completely receptive to it, but the message was there. Sitting through another meeting (even if it wasn’t a bad meeting) seemed like an impossible task. I was antsy on the drive to and from the meeting, wanting to be anywhere but in the car. Getting the news about the LOI was far more of a bummer than I should have let it be.

This was a good thinky spot. I need to find more of these.

The evidence was there, I just needed to piece it together.

I need a vacation.

And not just any vacation. A vacation without plans. A vacation that doesn’t have a schedule, or planned check ins, or expectations. I need a vacation where I find myself somewhere new (be it geographically, or adventure-seeking-wise), and just allow myself to get lost. I need some time to unwind, let my brain relax, enjoy the sun, take in the fresh air, live life, and recharge.

And so dear friends, I have decided that as of August 2 I will be taking a full week off. And it is going to be glorious. I have no idea what I’m going to do4 and I don’t care, because I know that whatever I do will be spur of the moment and hopefully full of ridiculousness.

1 And yes, I realize that I’ve just written our bed in reference to Elliot and me. But really, he sprawls out at night and somehow seems to take up more and more territory.

2 Oh meetings, how I loathe you so much.

3 And by a few, I clearly mean a lot.

4 Although I do know what I won’t be doing. And that is meeting, unless meeting involves a beach, a cottage, a perfectly good plane for which to jump out of, a CN Tower to lean over, a beer, a scotch, or no pants. Because these are, by very definition, the only good meetings that one should ever want to attend5.

5 My list of good meetings may not be exhaustive.

Extra Crispy Deep Fried Me

Best soon-to-be tan line ever. Wait. I mean worst. Worst soon-to-be tan line ever.

So apparently the thing that I forgot to do this morning before I hopped on my bike and met up with my friend Mel, was to apply sunscreen.

In my defence, I have to wonder how anyone could be expected to remember sunscreen on a hot summer day where the sun is high in the sky and all sunshiny and potentially burny?

Okay, clearly I am an idiot. There is no defence for not putting on sunscreen. Especially given how hot it has been and how long I knew Mel and I were planning on biking.

Although perhaps I can’t be blamed completely for my stupidity. I was, if truth be told, super excited about biking with Mel. She’s a pretty hard-core biker and I wanted to train with her since I am trying to finish a 100km or even 160km bike ride this year. Obviously, in my excitement I just forgot to apply any sort of SPF.

We’ll go with that reason because it is actually true, even if the former reason – my idiocy – is also true. Which statement is truer? Good question. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind on that one.

Whatever the reason for my lack of sunscreen application, I am currently a little bit crispy in spots. Mainly my knees, my arms, and my nose. You know, those things that were most exposed while I was out biking for almost 51 kilometres. It probably didn’t help that after my bike I headed to Guelph Lake with my buddy Mark to sit and relax and enjoy the scenery. Fortunately I did apply sunscreen while at the beach, but the damage was already done.

On the bright side, the heat that is currently radiating off of my body means that I am not – for a change – cold. I may actually have to sleep without the duvet on my bed tonight.

It’s all about finding the silver-lining folks. That’s a rule. You should write it down.

Pfffffft – 48 Hours

This is my 300000 Calorie and uber sweaty smile.

So remember yesterday when I wrote about nearing three hundred thousand Calories logged with RunKeeper? And remember when I said that I’d cross that threshold sometime within the next 48 hours?

Ya – 48 hours. Pfffft. Whatever.

Because why do in 48 hours what one can do in 24?

And so when I came home from the office today I decided to do a little math1. That math informed me that I’d need to run 10 kilometres to pass the three hundred thousand Calorie count. This result couldn’t have been any more perfect, considering that I had a 10 kilometre run on my training schedule.

Well played Universe. Well played indeed.

So after a few moments rubbing a certain fuzzball’s belly, I jumped on the treadmill and set out on my way2. As per usual, Elliot found himself a comfy spot on my clean laundry that had been hanging on my treadmill drying prior to my run, plopped himself down, yawned, and started his exercise routine as well. Of couse, that meant he napped as I ran, occasionally lifting his head to look at me with disdain or disinterest, possibly suggesting that the noise I was making was interfering with his workout.

Since I burned an extra 100 Calories, I should probably have 2 donuts, right?

Anyway, after 48 minutes and 34 seconds I had completed a 10.06 kilometre run. I then spent an extra 20 or so minutes walking to cool down and keep my legs loose. After logging this, and my bike to and from school I checked my totals. Three hundred thousand one hundred Calories.


I know three hundred thousand is a completely arbitrary number in the grand scheme of things, but I have to say that it looks pretty damn sweet right now.

Of course, I was going to celebrate with some tasty treat – I’m staring at you Mr. Donut – but given my desire not to leave the house4 I’ve opted to have a beer. More specifically, a Smashbomb by Flying Monkey brewery. And it is most delicious5.

For those who might be wondering, the answer is yes, yes I am one beer post run buzzed. Because I’m apparently a wild man.

Here’s to the next three hundred thousand Calories.

1 Okay, I did a lot of math but that was unrelated to the problem at hand. Once that math was finished, then I did a little more to determine how far I’d have to run to cross the threshold.

2 There was absolutely no way I was going to try to run this outside, given that the great out-of-doors was approaching eleventy-billion degrees3.

3 Plus or minus, of course.

4 How is it that I can be this lazy at times?

5 Because everything tastes better after a run. True story.

Mmmmm, So Many Marshmallow Dream Bars

Only 889 Calories to go. I’ve got this.

At some point in the next 48 hours I’m going to hit a new milestone on RunKeeper, and to be perfectly honest, it’s blowing my mind.

What exactly are you yammering on about? you wonder to yourself.

Well, dear readers, within the next 48 hours – assuming I walk or bike to work tomorrow, and assuming I go for a run tomorrow night – I should cross the threshold of three hundred thousand Calories tracked using RunKeeper.

I repeat. Three. Hundred. Thousand.

I started using this app in December of 2008 (sporadically), and if you had told me then that I’d track so many Calories1 I’d have thought you insane.

Since installing it on my iPhone, RunKeeper has become a staple in my exercise program. I log all of my walks, hikes, bikes, and runs with it. Even the seemingly trivial jaunt to the grocery store is logged, because every step, stride, and pedal count when it comes to health2.

As of today, I’ve logged a total of 886 activities which have burned a collective 299111 Calories. Since Starbucks no longer offers my old staple treat – the Old Fashioned Glazed donut – I will instead convert this Caloric total into the equivalent of my new staple treat – the Starbucks Marshmallow Dream Bar. Each and every Dream Bar – also known as a Rice Krispie Square to most of the world – has 210 Calories. That means I’ve burned off enough Calories to eat approximately 1424 Dream Bars. And that, dear friends, is a butt-load of marshmallowy gooey goodness.

So far this year I’ve burned 83821 Calories by walking, hiking, running, or biking for approximately 216 hours and covering a distance of 1625.9 kilometres.

All I can say is Yowzers!

Pretty graphs are pretty.

How does this compare to previous years?

Excellent question. According to RunKeeper (which automatically plots some pretty sweet graphs),

  • 2011 saw me log 120605 Calories, 371 hours, and 2868.5 kilometres, while
  • 2010 saw me log 85450 Calories, 262 hours, and 2546.2 kilometres.

Based on these numbers I think it’s pretty obvious that 2012 is going to be an epic Calorie burning year. Beyond the numbers, it amazes me how much more active I am than last year or in 20104.

Anyway, for those who haven’t done the calculation, I have only 889 Calories to go before I cross the three hundred thousand Calorie threshold. And what’s 889 Calories? It’s a bike to and from school, and about an hour on the treadmill.

I’ve so got this.

And you know what – I think I’m going to celebrate with a Dream Bar. Maybe two. Because it’s all about balance.

1 Especially since each individual exercise event seems to burn off so few.

2 The only thing I don’t record are my yoga sessions3.

3 I have a spreadsheet for tracking those, naturally.

4 Of course I realize that last year I was sidetracked by my hernia surgery, so last year was still pretty awesome, all things hernia related considered.

I Think My Cat Is A Nap-Hole

Apparently this isn’t a cat, it’s a nap-hole. It’s a type of black-hole in which awake-particles can’t escape. Anyone caught within its event horizon are doomed to nap.

The Canada Day weekend continues, with this of course being the big day. So Happy Canada Day all y’all.

Today was another excellent day. I awoke around 7 this morning1 knowing full well that I had nothing planned and I really didn’t need to jump out of bed.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

This meant that I didn’t need to disturb Elliot who was still purring softly next to my leg. Which of course I used as an excuse to lay about for a while. I of course checked the interwebs and played a game of KenKen or two. However, eventually I had to get up. Nature called, both in the form of hunger, and, well, nature calling.

Once I was finally up, made breakfast, fed the fuzzball, and showered, I decided that I couldn’t waste any more of the beauty that was today. As such, I hopped on my bike for a casual ride. For whatever reason, I don’t think it’s possible for me to have a casual ride. The minute I’m on the bike I want to go fast. As fast as my legs will take me. While I can’t sustain any great speed for any substantial length of time2, I did manage to hit almost 50km an hour today3.

After my ride I was inadvertently tricked into a wee catnap by a softly purring fuzzball. He was stretched out on my stripped bed4 and I thought I would lie down and rub his belly. That lasted about 5 seconds before I myself had nodded off.

Anyway, the rest of the day included chatting with my parents, walking around, and basically doing everything that had anything to do with relaxing and recharging.

Mission accomplished!

Oh, and I may have also cooked5.

Now I’m getting ready to head off to Riverside Park for the Canada Day fireworks display.

I really do love this weekend.

1 So yes, yes I did sleep in today. W00t!

2 Yet.

3 For about 30 seconds.

4 Sunday is laundry day.

5 Well, if you call heating up some fresh berries and granola cooking6. I do, but then again, my culinary masterpiece is a toasted english muffin with avocado and tuna.

6 Full recipe below.

1. Fresh raspberries + fresh wild blueberries
2. Add dairy free granola
3. Microwave for about 2 minutes.
4. Add coconut milk ice-cream. I prefer vanilla with this particular dessert, but chocolate will do – and do very well.
5. Eat. Try not to smile.

A Great Start…

Happy Canada Day weekend all y’all

The Canada Day weekend is on us, and I have to say it has started off most excellently. Most excellently indeed.

For starters, the weather has been beautiful – blue skies with just the right amount of clouds, lots of sunshine, and for me at least, hot but not too hot. I’ve managed to get to the market, have coffee with my friend Bang, go on a long walk, go biking, go running, and relax with the wee fuzzball.

And that was just today.

Yesterday – the official beginning to the Canada Day long weekend – included a farewell party of sorts for Dr. Dom. He’s leaving Guelph on Sunday for his new home of Regina. The celebration began at The Baker Street Station. Of course that meant tasty beer, tasty onion rings, and tasty chicken wings. A meal fit for kings – or in this case, four nerdly friends.

We eventually made our way to the Red Brick Cafe to enjoy the night air outside with a bottle of white wine. I can’t recall what kind of wine it was because by that point I was two-beer drunk2. Regardless, I remember it being quite tasty but I also remember having to pass off most of my glass to Dylan because I was already two-beer drunk.

Now I’m off to Jamie’s (the Jamie of the original Jamie and fuzzball team1) to sit outside in the garden, have a few drinks, and enjoy the last moments of the day. Which seems like the perfect end to a pretty fantastic day.

Oh, and in honour of Canada Day, and because William Shatner is the man, I offer you the following video (which was passed on to me by Aqleema).

Happy Canada Day weekend all y’all. And Good luck Dom in your new home. You’ll definitely be missed3.

1 You may recall that I adopted the fuzzball off of Jamie when he had to move.

2 Technically I was well past two-beer drunk, but I wasn’t counting, and really – I was drunk after two beers. Because I’m apparently a lightweight.

3 P.S. Elliot says meow. I assume that means thanks for the treats, because he pounced on them like a fat kid on Smarties.