Safari III

If I had planned better, I would have given each of my Safari posts a clever name beyond the very creative Safari I, Safari II, and Safari III. I say this now only because as I sit down to describe my final day of Safari (which was several days ago now), I am hit with […]

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A few days ago I boarded a gloriously modern tube-o-metal/lawn dart to be projected through¬†the great blue sky from the Old World back to the New (and subsequently back in time – as is my understanding of space-time physics). I left behind sunny blue skies,¬†spring-like weather, a seriously amazing supply of beer, deliciously delicious coffee, […]

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Because Stuffed

If I return home with an extra 50lbs, I won’t be surprised. And I’m not talking souvenirs, because I don’t usually buy too many things while I’m travelling. The odd time I’ll pick up some artwork or a fridge magnet or possibly some coffee deliciousness (or maybe duty free), but it’s always limited in size […]

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Two Deadly Sins In One Day

In honour of my friend Mark’s 37th birthday, we1 drove into Toronto today to wander the city. And by wander, I mean we sauntered about stopping often to sample various foodstuffs along the way. And while we walked a lot, I don’t feel that it was enough to work off the food I ate. Instead, […]

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Christmas Cheer

A few days ago, my friend Dr. Julie (via Dr. Vicky) passed along a recipe she had received from someone she knows on the Twitter1. The recipe in question was for a Bailey’s type Irish cream. However, there was a twist. This was a recipe for Irish cream that I could drink. Why’s that? you […]

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