19 Again

For those who follow my Twitter account1, you’re likely already aware of the fact that I had a bit of an incident at the liquor store yesterday. Nothing crazy of course – I made no scene, there was no need for security to be called. Regardless, something happened; something that was a mix of amazing and surreal and ridiculous […]

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Happy Pi Approximation Day

  In honour of Pi Approximation Day, I thought I’d offer you this most awesomely awesome comic from Dinosaur Comics that approximately honours the approximately awesome awesomeness that is Pi Approximation Day. Of course, I realize that I’ve offered this comic before but I enjoy the last panel far too much not to share it again. […]

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Also – There Was Pie

So it’s been a few days – and by a few days I clearly mean more than 7 – since I last wrote something here at Consumed By Wanderlust. I could probably give you a list a mile long as to why I’ve been so tardy, but the truth is rather simple – weird stuff […]

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Moose And Norm

Due to the awesomeness that is Rogers1, this post is going to be short and sweet2. When I got home from the office today I did what I always do. I checked my mail before making my way to the front door (where Elliot is always waiting3). When I opened up my mailbox, what did […]

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A Gathering Of Nerds

Tonight’s post will be quick because I just finished a half marathon as part of Goofy training. To say that my body is a wee bit tired is an understatement. I probably should have eaten more prior to running. Live and learn. I’m just hoping that the Running Elves repair my body overnight so that […]

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