Because 2015 Is The New 2014

Rick and I are still enjoying the comforts of our fancy-pants hotel in Kathmandu. We’ve just finished eating breakfast in bed (because fancy-pants hotel), and are contemplating venturing out to wander the streets of the Thamel district to get some delicious coffee from Himalayan Java. It’s a rough life, but someone has to live it.

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The Year That Was

I stumbled on this website last night ( and I thought it was rather cool (assuming you, of course, are interested in random trivia). The gist – provide the website with the year you were born and it will provide you a string of information related to things that happened that year – news, movies, […]

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Home Sweet Broken Home

I’m writing this post from the comfort of my own bedroom. More specifically I’m sitting on my bed poking away at my laptop while I listen to the wee fuzzball softly purring beside me1. His tail is flicking back and forth – clearly a happy kitty. The song Angels from the new The xx album […]

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All Night Long

Tonight, despite a strong desire to stay home and eat dinner on my stairs, I’ve opted to wander downtown and enjoy both the Guelph Jazz Festival and Nuit Blanche. I know, it’s crazy – I mean, why wouldn’t I want to stay home and eat a sad dinner on my sad stairs given that my […]

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