The Decade That Was

While the decade doesn’t really end until the final stroke of midnight on December 31st, 2020 (approximately 353ish days from now), I thought I’d take a minute to review the last 10 years because it’s apparently the thing to do. More specifically, I thought I would reflect on some of the things that have had…

Five Nights In Paris

After spending five awesome nights in Paris, I boarded my flight home yesterday. Given my constant wanderlust, I’m never really happy to end a trip. There is always still so much left unseen, untried, uneaten, and unexplored. And I definitely don’t get homesick – although I do find myself in many situations where I wish…

The Journey To Paris

My last few posts have focused on a review of 2019, or have outlined goals for 2020. However, you might recall that I’m also currently on a European adventure with my brothers, and a lot has happened since I last posted about that.

The Year That Could Be

Earlier this week I rang in the new year with my brothers and cousin (who also happened to be in Ostrava for the World Juniors hockey tournament) and throngs of folks who lined Stodolní street to celebrate. Since January 1 was also the anniversary of the day that Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and…

A Year In Photos

As I’ve done for the past few years, I’ve had an online tool quickly determine the nine photos that I posted to the Instagrams that were the most liked. While the photos tell an interesting story, they really don’t capture much of what happened during the year.

The Year In Travel

I’m sure it comes as no surprise for me to write that 2019 was a busy year of travel, although it may surprise you to know that it wasn’t nearly as busy as previous years. I won’t lie, this makes me sad. I clearly have some catching up to do in 2020.

The Year That Was

It seems that while travel was still a major component of my life in 2019, I was shockingly domestic. That is, I seem to have spent a significant amount of my year (and money) dealing with home improvements. Who have I become?


As mentioned in my previous post, I arrived in Ostrava yesterday with my three brothers. We had spent a few days together wandering the streets and museums of Vienna, but sadly another siren song was calling us away. For those not in the know, Ostrava is one of two cities hosting the 2020 World Junior…

And Then There Were Four

After four days in Vienna, we picked up a rental car, loaded in all of our stuff, and made our way from Vienna to Ostrava in the Czech Republic. The trip gave me a chance to see a new-to-me section of the country since my previous visits were limited to Prague and a day trip…

The Lessons Of History

Last night, as we enjoyed the many architectural wonders and Christmas markets of Vienna, we wandered naively by the southeast wing of Neue Burg – part of Hofburg palace. The building is stunning and almost monolithic, as are many of the buildings in central Vienna. To be honest, while the building clearly looks to have…

Merry Europe

When last I wrote, all the way back in the old-time-y days of August, I was just finishing up my 2019 European adventure with Manon. We’d managed to travel through Ireland, visit Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam, and have a bloody good time while we were doing it. And now, almost four months later, I find…


Having spent three awesome nights in Bruges, Manon and I bought our train tickets and finally made our way to Amsterdam – not a bad way to celebrate my 44th birthday. Unfortunately, Amsterdam would be the final destination on this our third European adventure together.

“It’s Like A F*!@ing Fairy Tale”

My first trip to Bruges was several years ago with Gerarda, Alan, Aidan, and Amanda. We’d traveled there to celebrate Christmas, and to be honest it was one of the best Christmas adventures I’ve ever had. I knew then that Bruges would become a multi-vacation destination. It’s just too damn impressive to simply visit once. 

Surprise Paris Adventure

Prior to arriving in Ireland, Manon and I only had three things sorted. First, we knew that we would be flying into Dublin, second, we knew that we wanted to visit Bruges, and third, we knew that we’d be flying home from Amsterdam. All of the stuff that would happen between those three points in…

Cliff To Cliff

Saturday began with another fantastic Irish breakfast, courtesy of the owner of the Loisderrig House in Glenbeigh. It was also laundry day, and fortunately for us, there was an outdoor laundromat just down the street at the combination gas station and grocery store.