nerd•i•day |ˈnərdiˌdā| (n): a day devoted to the celebration of anything nerdy or pertaining to a nerd (an intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession): March 14, also known as Pi-Day, is an official nerdiday.

ORIGIN unknown, early 21st cent.: from the term nerd (1950s).

The following dates should be celebrated by everyone, every year, for ever. Why? Because any day that celebrates advances in extreme nerdery should be embraced and loved by all.

A not-necessarily exhaustive set of nerdidays, listed in chronological order, is provided below.  Note that some of the days listed are more accurately described as months of observance.  Regardless, be sure to hug a nerd on any and all of these days or months, as the case may be.  Or perhaps shower them with nerd appropriate gifts.  For those unsure of what qualifies as a nerd appropriate gift, might I suggest chocolate, wine, or a shiny new pocket protector.

Download the calendar by clicking here.

Other special nerdidays only occur once in a while, or their celebration date is variable.  For example

  • International Bacon Day (first Saturday in January after New Years, or February 19, or Saturday before Labour Day)
  • Square root day (last held March 3, 2009, next held April 4, 2016, May 5, 2025, June 6, 2036, July 7, 2049, August 8, 2064, September 9, 2081, etc.)

Wiki indicates that Square root day is celebrated on days when both the day of the month and the month are the square root of the last two digits of the year.

And finally, a list of other days that I love to celebrate, that have nothing to do with being a nerd.  Regardless, you should celebrate them too.

If you know of, or celebrate any other nerdidays, please let me know so that I might add them here.

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While these days don’t necessarily fit into the list as entirely nerdy in any way, I felt that they warranted a spot on this page, as I’m sure nerds everywhere would throw their collective support behind such worthy celebrations, if given the chance.

Update: apparently there are multiple orgasm days.  Ha – get it – multiple orgasms?  Classic.

For more information, also check out the following awesome websites
Days Of The Year

1 Given that Pi-Day, and Steak and a Blow Job Day both fall on March 14, my dear friend Aqleema has suggested that we merge the two into one awesomely nerdy and dirty day3, known henceforth as Pi and a Blow Job Day, or P&BJ day for short4

2 The first official International Gin and Tonic Day Is Almost Here Day was held in 2010, in my kitchen. It was borne of the need to numb the effects of a particularly painful day-o-work. A type of pain that could only be soothed by a Gin and Tonic, where a Gin and Tonic clearly means multiple Gin and Tonics. Hence, a tradition was borne!

3 Moniker to identify such a day = Dirtiday?

4 Not to be confused with PB&J day.  Unless you are into that sort of thing.  I won’t judge.  Much.

8 thoughts on “Nerdidays

  1. How can there be both “International” and “Global” Orgasm Days? Aren’t “International” and “Global” the same thing?

    Also, being a vegetarian, I support “Pi and a Blow Job Day.” It just sounds better than Soy-based Imitation Meat Steak and a BJ Day.

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