Smile Worthy

And just like that the semester is over. Okay, maybe not completely over but pretty much over. The students still have to write their exam, and I have to grade said exam, but otherwise everything that the students needed to do, they have done. Today was their final lab demo. That is, today they put everything on […]

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Winding Down

So apparently today was the last formal day of class – well, at least for the course I teach. Tomorrow is the last day I will meet with my students this semester in a non-exam setting. Crazy. I honestly can’t believe how fast the semester has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was […]

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Holy hell the semester is almost over. On one side of the coin I’m stoked because it has been a long semester filled with late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation, and probably far too much coffee and beer. On the other side of the coin I’m a bit sad because, while the semester has been […]

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The Countdown Starts Now

Holy crapshite it’s the end of July. Seriously, how the frick did that happen? It seems like the winter semester just ended, and here we are with the fall semester fast approaching. Eep! So much to do. So many grants to prepare, lessons to plan, papers to write, meetings to fall asleep in. Ha! Fortunately, as […]

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Walking The Edge

  Apparently it’s almost the end of July. While I love August, my feelings about this point in the summer are mixed. This probably relates to the fact that August serves as a reminder that the new semester is almost here and I still have so much to do to prep for it. There’s also […]

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True Lies

Okay, remember how I said a few weeks ago that the semester had come to a close? Well, I think I specifically wrote that classes had ended. Regardless of what I wrote, I lied. Gasp. True story. Of course, having just admitted I had lied, you might be wondering how you can trust the statement […]

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No More Pencils No More Books.

And just like that, classes are finished. I taught my last class of the semester today. Bittersweet? Perhaps. I mean, as much as I’m excited for the semester to be over, I really did enjoy teaching the two courses this semester. My students were great, and the courses were a lot of fun. Despite all […]

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