The Year That Was

Happy New Year everyone. The old and weathered 2015 has come and gone, and we now find ourselves in the shiny sparkly new 2016. May it be filled with awesomeness and adventure, and just the right amount of shenanigans.

On The Topic Of Wanderlust

While my friends Beth and Rick were in town over the Christmas holidays, we spent some time chatting about travel (as we are wont to do). Both Beth and Rick have been on some pretty fantastic adventures over the past year (for example, read about their awesome but separate trips to Ireland here, and here1),…

The First Step Is A Real Big One

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, today was a random day off for me. Why today? Well, after several rather insane weeks including deadline after cutting-it-painfully-close deadline, meetings and oh-my-god-I-can’t-take-another-meeting, and more often than not needing to be in several places at once, I figured I was due. Also, there was adventuring to be had with…

Nerd Wars

Some of you might recall that last year a war was brewing. A war of such epic proportions that historians would surely – in years to come – refer to it as one of the greatest battles in the history of ever. In the history of EVER. Or, perhaps, it will be known as the…

A Very Full Day

Yesterday was a very full day. It started with the news that Dr. Beth’s dad had been taken to the hospital with symptoms resembling a stroke. Sadly, a CT Scan revealed that the symptoms were actually the result of a brain tumour. You can read more about it here (and send support via comments) at Dr….

Where’s The Cake?

January is a month of many birthdays. So many birthdays – Silvia, Mike, Mel, Aqleema, Matt, Paula, Dr. Beth (whose birthday just so happens to be today – so happy birthday Dr. Beth), Bum, Dr. Gerarda, George, Jeff, Val, Marilyn, Dr. Neil, and the list goes on. I’d argue that there are so many birthdays,…

Going To Sleep In My Forever Box

Sunday was, for those who missed it, Create a Great Funeral Day. The idea behind this day – plan now, so that your loved ones aren’t troubled when you finally kick the proverbial bucket. Morbid? To some perhaps. To me, an opportunity to plan a most amazing and final adventure after I shuffle off this…

Dear Victoria, The Doctors Are In You

After sleeping for only 2 hours Wednesday night, and after getting up at 3am on Wednesday morning to head to the airport, and after about 1.5 hours of sitting in said airport before boarding my flight, and finally, after about 5 hours in the air, I landed in Vancouver yesterday to meet up with Dr….

Tired, Chilled, And Awake At An Ungodly Hour. Still Smiling.

The adventure continues tomorrow morning. That’s right folks, I’m heading to the airport at the ungodliest of hours; 4am. The sun won’t be up. It’s guaranteed to be frosty. I’m going to be exhausted. And yet despite all of that, I’m going to be smiling from ear to ear because I’m heading to Victoria. I’ve…


And just like that, my adventuring continues. This time, dear readers, I have booked myself a trip to the west coast city of Victoria, British Columbia. Why Victoria? Well, as I had mentioned in a previous post, I have been invited to the GeoMED conference to give a talk about some of my nerdly research….