Anchor And Compass

Around this time last year the good folks at WordPress sent me an email to inform me that they had done some crunching of my blog numbers. While these might be boring for some, I find them fascinating. Part of this fascination is my inherent love of all things number-y. But there’s also a large […]

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A New Theme

  You may have noticed something different about the blog tonight. No? Well, no worries. In the event that you hadn’t noticed, I’ve opted to change my blog theme from one called Freshy to one called Ocean Mist. If you frequent my academic blog ( you’ll notice that I’ve adopted the same theme that I use over there for […]

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The Month That Was NaBloPoMo

Holy crapshite time flies. Translation: NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month, is officially over today. In case you forgot, I mentioned way back in the early days of November (here specifically) that I was going to attempt to take part in this crazy event. Of course, given my penchant to distraction I opted to modify the […]

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Now Serving 314

This will be a short entry as I’m about to go jump on the treadmill. W00t! Three runs, 5 days, 15.73 kms. Not too shabby. Anyway, before I get off track and rambling about running – something I’ve been known to do – I just would like to point out that this is post number […]

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