Pfffffft – 48 Hours

So remember yesterday when I wrote about nearing three hundred thousand Calories logged with RunKeeper? And remember when I said that I’d cross that threshold sometime within the next 48 hours? Ya – 48 hours. Pfffft. Whatever. Because why do in 48 hours what one can do in 24? And so when I came home […]

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Today I boarded the train and made my way to Ottawa1 – day one of my Ottawa Marathon weekend. The train ride was great2. I spent the bulk of it working – reviewing and commenting on a report, and prepping notes for a course that I’ll be helping to teach in June – the week […]

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Now With 90% Less Evil

It has been just over 24 hours since the 30K Around the Bay, and despite being a little tired, I’m feeling pretty good. My joints aren’t screaming. My muscles aren’t nearly as tight as I thought they might be. My walk to the office today was as fast as normal1. And while I’m tired, I’m […]

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Carbo-Loading With Cinnamon Buns

Tomorrow is the big day. Race day. My first ever official marathon. I am a mix of emotions. Nervous, stoked, excited, nauseous, anxious, happy, gassy. Wait, no, not the last one. Anyway, today is carbo-loading day. That is, today is the day that Mark and I are supposed to be consuming lots of carbs (good carbs […]

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