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Chocolate And Beer You Say

Race day bib! Apparently I'm a dirty runner. Who knew?

So remember that time I ran for chocolate? Ya, those were good times.

For those who follow this blog1, you’ll know that I ran the Chocolate Race in Port Dalhousie yesterday, along with several friends. The idea – run 10 miles, or 16.1 kilometres – whilst celebrating the awesomeness that is chocolate. And by celebrating, I clearly mean eating. And by eating, I clearly mean gorging.

That’s right folks, the run wasn’t just a simple run. It was a run where you were encouraged to eat chocolate, because why the hell not? There were two chocolate stops on the run – the first offering chocolate covered fruit2, the second offering chocolate covered pretzels. Best of all, because of the nature of the course, we got to hit up both chocolate stops twice.

Best. Race. Ever.

Or was it?

Yes. Yes it was.

At the end of the race we received medals and tickets for free

  1. Chocolate truffles,
  2. A chocolate brownie, and
  3. A chocolate martini.

Seriously? Could this race get any better?

Yes. Yes it could.

Run Forrest, run.

We also were given freshly made and oh-so-delicious4 chocolate croissants, plus chocolate milk. If I were actually able to eat all of these things I likely would have gone into some sort of chocolate based coma. An oh-so delicious chocolate based coma.

Following the race we headed into town to collect our truffles, brownies, and martinis. Except sadly the bar that was serving the martinis had run out by the time we made our way through the line. Gasp! Fortunately, they had not run out of beer. And that dear readers is how finally, finally, finally, after many runs and after many dreams of such a thing happening, I ended a race with a tall and frosty beer.

Best. Race. Ever.

Oh right. You’re probably wondering how I did. Well, for those of you that are dying to know, I managed to run 16.1 kilometres with a gun time of 1:26:555. This means that my average pace was 5 minute 25 seconds per kilometre6 – not my fastest pace ever, but not too bad given my lack of sleep and the fact that I was intending to run a very comfortable and relaxed pace.

After the race, once I was able to review the results, I was surprised to learn that I placed 35th out of 216 runners. Even better, I managed 4th for my age and gender category (out of 9). I’ve never come that close to placing before7. Sweet!

So to recap: chocolate, friends, beautiful weather, great course, almost placing, and beer.

Best. Race. Ever.

1 And a huge thank you to all y’all for doing so.

2 Which sadly I could not eat as they were covered in milk chocolate3.

3 Milk of course being my arch nemesis.

4 According to those who could eat the butter laden chocolate pastries.

5 Chip time isn’t available at the moment – for some unknown reason.

6 Not too shabby for someone who was out until the wee hours of the morning at a friends bachelor party the night before.

7 The 3rd place finisher was only 3 seconds in front of me. Three seconds8!

8 Second place (in my age and gender category) ran the 16.1 kilometres in 1:22:38. I’m positive I could beat that. First place ran the course in 1:09:07. That might be a bit more of a challenge. Still, something to consider for next year.