Pssst – There Is No Cake

Remember the videos of crazy adventure seeking adventurers that I mentioned here and here? You know, the videos by Seb Montaz? Well, believe me when I write that at some point in the not so distant past I had talked about these movies. Moreover, I had talked about downloading and watching Seb’s documentary I Believe I […]

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I Believe I Can Fly

Yesterday while perusing the interwebs, I rediscovered a preview for a documentary that I’d watched a few months ago. When I first watched the preview, I remember being quite impressed and intrigued. Moreover, I remember thinking to myself – self, you must see this documentary. And then I completely forgot about it. Go figure. I blame life […]

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Life Is Full Of Awesome

I just finished watching the documentary Life In A Day. If you haven’t heard of this documentary, it’s not what I would call standard fare as far as documentaries go. It doesn’t focus on a company, or a person; it doesn’t have a product to sell per se. Nor is it trying to motivate a […]

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