I’m Not Dead

Holy effing eff, I can’t believe this work week is over. Can you guess what else I can’t believe? First and foremost I can’t believe that somehow I managed to survive the insanity of the week; the grant deadlines, the client demos, the up-at-3am-and-in-bed-by-1am days, the lectures, the meetings, the late nights, the travel, the analyses, […]

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A Picture Of Grace And Charm

This week is going to be one of those weeks. You know, the kind of week where you have about eleventy-billion major projects to complete, but only about enough time to finish 3 of them; a week where sleep will be a rare event, coffee will be consumed – if only it were possible – intravenously and […]

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Just Keep Swimming

For the past several days – weeks maybe – perhaps months – I don’t remember really – point is, for a while I’ve been working on grant applications. It’s sadly a necessary evil for my job. It’s also a large slice of catch-22. You see, one needs funding to pay for graduate students to help produce […]

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The Word Of The Day Is Geeklet

This labour day weekend, while all the frosh were moving in, and likely most everyone else was avoiding campus, enjoying patios, relaxing, or whatever, I was sitting in my office plugging away at several different projects. Cuz I’m cool. Clearly. Don’t fret though. This post isn’t a cry for sympathy. I opted to work this […]

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