New Year New Goals

If you’ve been reading along over the past week or so, you’re probably not going to find the topic of today’s post all that shocking. It’s time to set some goals for the new year; specifically some fitness goals1. First and foremost I have to get back to my regular running self. I miss running. […]

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Taking A Break

So apparently I’ve been working steady since about 7:30 this morning. How it’s now after 11 pm is beyond me. I remember getting home around 5:30, having some food, rubbing Elliot’s belly, and then plopping myself in front of my trusty laptop to continue working on a grant application1, and one of three other draft […]

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Suck It Up Buttercup

Several months ago, after thinking about how much running I had been doing this year, and after sitting down and tabulating all of the running that I had been doing this year, I came up with the idea that I should be doing even more running this year. Profound, no? Anyway, way back in the […]

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I’ve Got The Runs

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll already know that I am a runner of sorts. You’ll also know that I like to give myself rather crazy challenges. For example, I decided that this year I┬áneeded to enter and run in 12 different races. I also decided that I┬áneeded to run 2 marathons in a […]

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