On The Topic Of Wanderlust

While my friends Beth and Rick were in town over the Christmas holidays, we spent some time chatting about travel (as we are wont to do). Both Beth and Rick have been on some pretty fantastic adventures over the past year (for example, read about their awesome but separate trips to Ireland here, and here1), […]

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It’s hard to believe but it has been roughly 2 years since I last set foot in Hawaii. Given my recent bout of wanderlust, you’ll understand that this has been preoccupying my mind of late. Yesterday, January 22nd, would have been the two year anniversary of the day that my face was introduced to the […]

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The First Step Is A Big One

So apparently I really like jumping out of perfectly good planes1. That’s right folks, today marked the second time in my 36-point-something years in which I hurtled myself towards the earth from a height in excess of 12000 feet, with only fabric preventing me from plummeting to a very flat end. And as was the […]

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Flight Of The Nerdlies

Several months ago I posted a couple of previews for movies directed by Sebastian Montaz-Rosset. These included the documentaries I believe I can Fly: Flight of the Frenchies, and One Step Beyond. To say that I found both movies inspiring would be an understatement. To be honest, they both gave me a list of things that I want […]

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