Because 2014 Is So Last Year

So it’s 2015. Every year I like to take some time to look back on the various lists that I had developed to review the various goals I had set; a way to measure where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. This year I’ve also opted to look back on some of the unexpected adventures […]

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63 Down 27 To Go

My life over the past few weeks has been rather stupid busy, so I didn’t get to post my regular update (which would have been aptly entitled 56 Down 34 To Go). But, given my lack of running it wouldn’t have been much of an update anyway. In fact, the last few weeks has been a […]

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Praise Be To Google

When I was young I was rather fortunate in that I was exposed to computers early. I remember my brother and I creating short programs on the Commodore 64 that Canadian Tire had on display when it was first introduced, and thinking we were some sort of computer geniuses. 10 Print “Hello world” 20 Goto 10 Oh […]

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An Apple A Day

I have a confession to make. A confession that is well overdue, and going on 4 years in the making. At the strapping young age of 38, I am without a family doctor. I’ll give you a moment to pick yourselves up off of the floor. For years this was never a problem. I moved […]

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Just A Wee Run

So tomorrow is the big race – the Toronto Goodlife Marathon. Some of you may recall that I was planning on running 42.2 km of marathon-y goodness tomorrow. However, given that my training schedule has been weak at best, I’ve opted to run only 21.1 km. I know, right? I’m sooooooooooo lazy. Ha! Honestly, I do […]

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Natasha The Spider

Remember just over a week ago when I met Natasha? And then remember how I held Natasha like we were age-old friends? And remember how I promised there’d be video? Well, dear readers, I am happy to say that a video is ready for your entertainment. I think the video gives you a general sense […]

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