Happy Scotchy Burns Day

Happy Robbie Burns Day all y’all. I have a confession to make. If not for a random Tweet that I read earlier today, I would have completely forgotten it was Robbie Burns Day. Me – a lover of all things scotchy and delicious forgetting Robbie Burns Day? The day that people ’round the world celebrate […]

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Scotchy Scotchy Scotch

As I was sitting here sipping away on some very tasty 10 year old Ardbeg Islay single malt scotch, a thought struck me. Specifically, I realized that in my list of goals for 2012 (see here, here, here, and here for some examples), none involved scotch. How, for the love of all things tasty, did I forget […]

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Calgary Adventure: Day 1-2

As I have mentioned before, I suffer from a mad case of the wanderlust.  It consumes me; hence the name of this blog.  And as I’ve mentioned before, the simple act of boarding a plane is usually enough to sate the voice in my head that plays the following on repeat and at varying volumes […]

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