Three Year Prof-iversary

Over the weekend I spent some time organizing files, prepping notes for class, and doing whatever it is that profs do in their free time1. Of course, sitting around organizing meant that I spent much of my time exploring the past year of work. It’s weird; most days I feel as if I get nothing […]

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Death By Meeting

I spend too many hours in meetings. There, I said it. Somehow, I feel a little better. Seriously though, I’m having one of those days where I’m trying to figure out how I’m supposed to work on – let alone finish – the various projects that I’m trying to complete. Of course, maybe the number […]

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All It Takes Is Pie

Today I headed to Cape Croker – just north of Wiarton, Ontario – with two undergraduate students, two graduate students, and one Post Doctoral Fellow. This band of misfits included 3 biology students (1 who is transitioning from biology to statistics), 1 computer science student, and 1 engineer. Oh, and me – a card-carrying PhD […]

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How Quickly They Grow Up

If not for the fact that I put almost everything into my calendar, I’d forget even the simplest of things. Like eating, wearing pants, and breathing. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch – I wouldn’t forget to wear pants, I’d just opt not to. Regardless, I’m betting that if breathing weren’t an autonomic response, […]

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Introducing The Ass Prof Blog

So it’s official folks.  Today I launch my newest blog.  Say what? That’s correct; I’ve started yet another blog.  But it’s not going to be quite the same as Consumed By Wanderlust.  It will still be epic and awesome and full of the nerdy goodness that you’ve come to expect here, but it will be […]

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