Say No To Floppy Bits

It’s about 14 hours until the Run for Retina Research half marathon starts, and despite a wonky feeling knee I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping that tomorrow’s run will be one that reminds me that I can do this1. I arrived in London earlier this afternoon and checked into the Delta London Armouries2. While it wasn’t […]

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What’s Another 67.1?

While in between meetings today I happened to check on my friend Carolyn’s blog, and realized that I had completely forgotten to register myself for an upcoming race. Zounds! The run that had slipped my mind? None other than the Run for Retina half marathon in London, Ontario. The run takes place April 15, and […]

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Hmm, my eyes are doing something really weird this evening. Weirder than normal, that is. I’m assuming it’s related to the standard weirdness that are my eyes. The thing that’s different this eve is that I’m not seeing the standard distortion, per se. Instead, it’s like I’m not seeing anything. Let me qualify that. I’m […]

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