Because Shiny

Between snuggling with the wee fuzzball, chores, and making a vat of pasta so large that it’s sure to feed me for the rest of the week, today has been rather relaxed. In fact, the only thing on my list of things to accomplish was to venture over to the mall to purchase a shiny new pair of Merrill […]

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All The Feels

Last Tuesday I celebrated the fourth anniversary of my PhD defence. It’s hard to believe that four years have passed already. As with most of the anniversaries I celebrate, I marked this particular event with a dram or two of scotch. As is custom, I also marked the event by taking some time to think about […]

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Falling To My Death? Not Today Indefatigable. Not Today.

Yesterday Rick, Aidan, and I jumped into the car and headed to Kananaskis country to face the challenge of climbing Mount Indefatigable (stopping first at Starbucks and Safeway for necessities like go-go juice, snacks, and lunch). Approximately 1.5 hours from Calgary, Indefatigable actually represents two peaks and a ridge connecting the two. The southern peak is […]

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Just A Wee Dive

Last Saturday was an awesome day. Around 8 in the morning my friend Aqleema picked up the slightly hungover version of me, and we started on our trek to Niagara. Our mission – to jump out of a perfectly good plane. For me, this would be my third time skydiving. For Aqleema – her first. […]

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