Smile Worthy

And just like that the semester is over. Okay, maybe not completely over but pretty much over. The students still have to write their exam, and I have to grade said exam, but otherwise everything that the students needed to do, they have done. Today was their final lab demo. That is, today they put everything on […]

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Winding Down

So apparently today was the last formal day of class – well, at least for the course I teach. Tomorrow is the last day I will meet with my students this semester in a non-exam setting. Crazy. I honestly can’t believe how fast the semester has gone. It seems like only yesterday that I was […]

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Holy hell the semester is almost over. On one side of the coin I’m stoked because it has been a long semester filled with late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation, and probably far too much coffee and beer. On the other side of the coin I’m a bit sad because, while the semester has been […]

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All It Takes Is Pie

Today I headed to Cape Croker – just north of Wiarton, Ontario – with two undergraduate students, two graduate students, and one Post Doctoral Fellow. This band of misfits included 3 biology students (1 who is transitioning from biology to statistics), 1 computer science student, and 1 engineer. Oh, and me – a card-carrying PhD […]

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True Lies

Okay, remember how I said a few weeks ago that the semester had come to a close? Well, I think I specifically wrote that classes had ended. Regardless of what I wrote, I lied. Gasp. True story. Of course, having just admitted I had lied, you might be wondering how you can trust the statement […]

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