A Cure For Last Night

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing my friends Lorna and Rick – correction, Dr. Lorna1 and Dr. Rick – become Dr. Lorna and Dr. Rick, married couple. While both of them looked absolutely fantastic – she stunningly breathtakingly beautiful, he tall and handsome – the best part would have to have been the way they […]

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I’m Suddenly Craving Wine

Today was day 2 of teaching CIS*2170, also known as User Interface Design. Honestly, it was even better than day 1. I’m having so much fun teaching this course. Perhaps too much fun. Maybe I should pretend that I’m not having fun lest someone decide that I’m having too much fun to get paid. Because […]

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Adventures In Gastronomy

While I have spent the last eleventy-billion days writing about my recent trip to New York, I’ve failed to adequately describe the portion of our trip that would make any gastronomist jealous. That of course, was our adventure in food. I can say without a doubt that there is just so much to try in […]

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A Banquet Of Nerds

So where did I leave off? I think the last we spoke I was describing the joy that was presenting at the SSC on Monday. Anyway, since then I have attended several more talks. I think the two that had the biggest impact were not statistical in nature. Instead, they were talks about funding opportunities. […]

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