So Long Taipei?

Nic and I made our way to the airport on Tuesday to begin our long journey back home. After a week in Taipei at the g0v Summit, I can honestly say that I wish I had more time to explore the city and the country. I guess I’ll just have to make another trip back…

Our Day In Jiufen

Since the 2018 g0V Summit ended on Sunday afternoon, Nic and I decided to spend Monday exploring the town of Jiufen. Located in the mountains next to the sea and east of Taipei, Jiufen is famous for the marketplace that lines the narrow streets of the town and was apparently the inspiration behind the movie,…

This Is How We Die

Dr. Beth (and any other arachnophobes out there) – do not, I repeat, do not read this post. Or do, but be prepared to never ever sleep again. Or at least, to never ever visit Taiwan – even though it has already turned out to be an incredibly amazing place to visit.

Hello Taipei?

Ray dropped me off at the Dalian airport around 6pm yesterday as I began the next leg in my adventure. It was a hazy day, and much of the horizon was masked by a layer of smog. It wasn’t the worst smog that I’d experienced during my visit, but it was also a far cry…

So Long Dalian

After 25 or so days, it’s time for me to finally pack up my bags and fly…elsewhere. You probably thought I was going to write fly home, however, this wee adventure isn’t quite over just yet. I still have a conference to attend in Taipei with Nic.

Down By The Bay

Yesterday was an absolutely stunning day. The temperature was a civilized 20 Celsius, there was a gentle breeze, and the blue sky was accented with just the right amount of clouds to provide temporary relief from the sun.

That’s A Wrap

And just like that, the software design course that I’ve been teaching at Dalian Nationalities University (DNU) has come to an end. This means that I will soon be heading to the airport to board the first in a series of shiny metal lawn darts that will eventually bring me back to Guelph.

Five Figure Victory

Something happened earlier this month that I think is worthy of celebrating.  Unfortunately, I completely missed it until now. And for someone who loves numbers and spreadsheets, it’s rather amazing that this slipped my notice.

That Time I Made Dumplings

Today was a rather beautiful day in Dalian. The smog that had been blanketing the city earlier this week had disappeared, leaving behind an almost perfectly clear sky and temperatures meant for sauntering around without fear of melting.

Moon Pies

Yesterday marked the end of week two of the three-week course that I’m offering at Dalian Nationalities University. By next Sunday, I’ll be finished my teaching duties and getting ready to head to Taipei for the g0v Summit with Nic.

Twenty Days In

I have been on sabbatical for twenty days, give or take. Given that I’m currently in the future, and my brain never seems to be able to process the space-time continuum, it may be slightly more or slightly less than twenty days. For now, let’s just agree that time travel is challenging even for those…

The Adventure Continues

After roughly 75 days and travelling more than 1.3 times the circumference of the earth in 37 different glorified metal lawn darts, you might think that my travel adventures are coming to a close for the year. Fortunately for me, that’s not the case.

The Great Space-Time Discombobulation

Having arrived in Dalian early Sunday morning after an extended amount of time spent aboard a glorified metal lawn dart, it should come as no surprise that I unceremoniously poured myself into bed the moment I arrived at my hotel.

Hello Dalian

After approximately eleventy-billion hours on board two separate shiny metal lawn darts, I have found my way back to Dalian, China. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m here to teach a course and give two invited talks at Dalian Nationalities University (DNU).

Shiny New Office

Just in time for my sabbatical, the almost completely renovated Reynolds Building has opened. This means that after more than 20 months I am no longer an officeless professor, wandering campus in search of a workstation with an appropriate supply of coffee.