Fifth Time Is A Charm

In my ongoing adventure series with students, I jumped out of yet another perfectly good plane yesterday. Because nothing better describes the graduate research experience like skydiving, I guess?

Productivity Is A Future Dan Problem

After a mostly uneventful flight – save for a period of mild turbulence that left me feeling a wee bit woozier than I would have expected – Nic and I have safely landed in Vancouver. More accurately, we have landed, stuffed our faces with some delicious Lebanese food from Nuba, and made our way to…

Wanderlusting Around The World

There are probably a million things I should be doing at the moment – papers to read and edit, courses to prep, grants to write – but instead I’ve opted to spend the better part of the last few hours wanderlusting.

The Five Year Plan

Time flies when you’re doing stuff. Apparently it was more than 7 years ago that I moved my mortgage from my previous lender (one of the Canadian big banks) to the trusted hands of my friend, Rob Campbell.

Take To The Sky

As I mentioned in my previous post, I feel like I’m not travelling nearly enough. In fact, I believe that I’ve spent more consecutive time in Guelph in the last two months than I have in the past three or four years, and that feels so very weird to me. It probably comes as no…

Mid Year Review

If you’ve been following my blog, you might think that I’ve been up to absolutely nothing of note over the last several months because I haven’t posted anything since the old-time-y days of March 14th! In fact, the time between then and now has been spent travelling, organizing Guelph’s first ever Pint Of Science, writing…

Pi In The Sky

When the alarm went off this morning, my first thought was Noooooooooooo! And given that the last few days have been packed, and that I woke up about eleventy-billion times worried that I’d overslept and missed my ride to the airport, I begrudgingly found a way to harness the energy needed to lift my carcass…

There And Back Again

Visiting Guelph is fun. Yes, I know I live here, but given that I seem to spend more time away (that’s not a complaint for someone who is constantly wanderlusting), it really does feel that most of my time in Guelph is visiting.

The Great Escape?

After a week of feeling like a giant bag of smashed hammers, I’m happy to say that I feel almost human again. I still have a stupidly annoying cough and the subsequent muscle aches that come from coughing fits, but even those are fortunately fading into a distant memory. Now the next challenge is to…

A Perfect Storm

When I stepped out of the plane last Wednesday, I took a moment to enjoy the fact that I was back in Rigolet. The air, crisp and cold, felt good on my skin.

A Return To Rigolet

After spending an entire day working from Jungle Jim’s in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Nic, Jason, Frazer, and I awoke way too early this morning to make our way to the airport to catch the flight that would deliver us to Rigolet.  This would be my first time back to the community since August of 2018….

I Miss The Old Twitter

In January of 2008, I signed up for Twitter with my first Twitter handle – @thedangillis – after a conversation with my good friend Dr. Beth. She convinced me that it would be a great platform to communicate with and learn from people around the world. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical of…

Rigolet Bound

In less than 48 hours, I’ll be heading to the airport with Nic as we make our way back to Rigolet. That’s right, folks. I’m ditching our lovely Ontario winter weather to head north for a slightly chillier, and definitely snowier adventure.

The Adventure Continues

It has been well over a month since I boarded a plane. While this might be considered a sure sign of the apocalypse, please rest assured that this lapse in vertical gain will soon be corrected.

The Scotches of 2019

Good lord, I can’t believe I started this year with a list of goals and I completely neglected scotch! What has become of me?