My Time In Paradise

I awoke Saturday morning feeling incredibly refreshed. I didn’t immediately bound out of bed, however. Instead, I stretched and yawned and enjoyed the comfort of the lower bunk as Dylan lay sleeping a few feet above me. Given the lack of movement in the cottage, I assumed that both Justeen and Jon were sound asleep […]

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Safari III

If I had planned better, I would have given each of my Safari posts a clever name beyond the very creative Safari I, Safari II, and Safari III. I say this now only because as I sit down to describe my final day of Safari (which was several days ago now), I am hit with […]

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Safari II

We woke Saturday morning at 5am so we could quickly fill our veins with a boost of caffeine that only coffee can provide, before we jumped on the truck to head out on our safari through Liwonde National Park. With my iPhone battery charged only at 37%, I turned on airplane mode, determined to make […]

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Safari I

Friday afternoon we began the trek from Lilongwe to Liwonde Safari Camp. Our car, small but mighty, was filled with road trip essentials – snacks, beverages, and a collection of road worthy tunes. The spaces between the snacks and luggage were filled by the five of us who decided that the best way to spend […]

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A Lesson In The Day To Day

Today I wandered down to the market to purchase a data plan for my iPhone that should cover me for the rest of the month. I left the Korea Garden Lodge a little before 9am, arriving just in time to see the market come to life.  I awoke to a rather chilly morning, and had […]

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A Childhood Dream

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to travel to Africa to see lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, and the like. I think it started with my love of dinosaurs, which led to my interest in paleontology and geology, to a fascination with the formation and movement of the continents, and eventually to the animals […]

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