Warning – Goats Ahead

After an incredible Saturday in paradise, I awoke Sunday morning to experience another beautiful day in the paradise that was Mayoka Village. As was the day before, I opted to enjoy the morning light from the security of my bed while Dylan, Jon, and Justeen continued to sleep. Eventually the need to indulge my coffee-loving-self…

Safari III

If I had planned better, I would have given each of my Safari posts a clever name beyond the very creative Safari I, Safari II, and Safari III. I say this now only because as I sit down to describe my final day of Safari (which was several days ago now), I am hit with…

Safari II

We woke Saturday morning at 5am so we could quickly fill our veins with a boost of caffeine that only coffee can provide, before we jumped on the truck to head out on our safari through Liwonde National Park. With my iPhone battery charged only at 37%, I turned on airplane mode, determined to make…

Safari I

Friday afternoon we began the trek from Lilongwe to Liwonde Safari Camp. Our car, small but mighty, was filled with road trip essentials – snacks, beverages, and a collection of road worthy tunes. The spaces between the snacks and luggage were filled by the five of us who decided that the best way to spend…

A Lesson In The Day To Day

Today I wandered down to the market to purchase a data plan for my iPhone that should cover me for the rest of the month. I left the Korea Garden Lodge a little before 9am, arriving just in time to see the market come to life.  I awoke to a rather chilly morning, and had…

A Childhood Dream

As long as I can remember I’ve wanted to travel to Africa to see lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, and the like. I think it started with my love of dinosaurs, which led to my interest in paleontology and geology, to a fascination with the formation and movement of the continents, and eventually to the animals…

Malawi – The Warm Heart Of Africa

I awoke yesterday morning discombobulated, groggy, and feeling as if gravity and the weight of the blankets that made up my sleepy-time cocoon would be too much for me to overcome. Yawning, I tried to blink the sleep away, stretching to will myself awake. Slowly it dawned on me that I was waking up in…

The Journey To Africa

After 17 or 18 hours in the air and two separate flights, I’ve finally touched down in Africa for the first time in my life. And even though I’m all sorts of exhausted on the outside, inside I’m extremely excited and happy.

I’m Going To Africa Today

This past week has been a blur. Between meetings and attempting to organize my students, I spent a good chunk of my time running through checklist after checklist of things I’ll need while in Malawi. I honestly haven’t the foggiest idea if I’ve managed to do everything, and I have an intense feeling that I’ve…

The Excitement Is Building

A few days ago I received confirmation of my flight itinerary for my trip to Malawi. Suddenly this Leave For Change thing has become very real. Honestly, there’s a part of me that is still wondering if this is real life, or whether I’m going to wake up from an awesome dream where I’ve been able…

Dear Europe – This Is Not Good Bye

I’m about to board the glorified lawn dart that will take me from Barcelona to Dublin so that I can board a bigger, more powerful glorified lawn dart to take me from there to Toronto. Boo.

Around The World In 170 Days

After an epic start to the summer semester, I’m faced with the sad reality that in a few days I will board an oversized shiny metal lawn dart on my long journey back to Toronto.  Fortunately, the summer is only truly just beginning.

From Barcelona To Xàbia

I’m currently sitting with a freshly brewed coffee listening to the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack while looking out over the town of Xàbia, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea from our fantastic home-away-from-home on the hill.

Scotland – The Land Where Scotch Grows II

A few days ago I began the tale of our grand adventure in Scotland, also known as the Land Where Scotch Grows. However, after yesterday’s visit to the beaches of Normandy I wanted to write that post while the experience was still fresh in my memory.

The Beaches of Normandy

After a breakfast baguette or two, and a very rich and delicious Double Express À Emporter, we loaded up the car and began our trek to visit the beaches of Normandy.