A few days ago I boarded a gloriously modern tube-o-metal/lawn dart to be projected through the great blue sky from the Old World back to the New (and subsequently back in time – as is my understanding of space-time physics). I left behind sunny blue skies, spring-like weather, a seriously amazing supply of beer, deliciously delicious coffee, […]

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A Certain Level Of Productivity

Another day, another…um…something. I’d say dollar but I’ve done nothing that I’d consider productive today. Hence, I’ve done nothing that I would consider worth a dollar. What did I do today? Let’s recap. I started the day with an hour of yoga on the dock as the sun came up. If you’ve never started a […]

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Vacation day 2. Yup, I’m really going to give you a play-by-play of my vacation. It’s apparently the thing to do1. Earlier today I ventured back to Toronto. What made today’s trip different from yesterday’s? Easy – today I had a purpose. You see, when Manon and I decided to head to Toronto we had […]

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Today I Wore Several Hats

When I awoke this morning I immediately knew that something was different. I knew that I had slept in, although I also knew that I still had time to lay in bed as my alarm hadn’t gone off. Elliot was curled up next to me softly purring and likely dreaming about chasing mice or whatever […]

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GPS Or Naming Fail?

So as I wrote yesterday, last night I attended the wedding of my friends Erin and John. And I will repeat what I wrote yesterday – the wedding was fantastic. The most important and amazing thing about the weekend was the opportunity it afforded to be able to spend time with friends that so rarely […]

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