Now With 90% Less Evil

It has been just over 24 hours since the 30K Around the Bay, and despite being a little tired, I’m feeling pretty good. My joints aren’t screaming. My muscles aren’t nearly as tight as I thought they might be. My walk to the office today was as fast as normal1. And while I’m tired, I’m […]

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Amazeballs And Awesomesauce

As you are likely all aware, today was the day that I ran my first ever 30K Around the Bay in Hamilton. Not my longest run ever, but still a significant distance. The run was fantastic, despite the fact that I am apparently really stupid when it comes to fuel. How so? Let me explain by […]

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A Little Slice Of Heaven

I’ve opted not to run this eve. I’ll give you a minute to recover from that ever so shocking news. It’s true. I’m not running this eve. My knee feels a bit wobbly from my long run on Saturday, and it’s probably best if I let it rest an extra day before carrying on with […]

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What’s Another 67.1?

While in between meetings today I happened to check on my friend Carolyn’s blog, and realized that I had completely forgotten to register myself for an upcoming race. Zounds! The run that had slipped my mind? None other than the Run for Retina half marathon in London, Ontario. The run takes place April 15, and […]

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