Let’s Get Ready To Nerd-Rumble

Several days ago I put forth a challenge to the interwebs. Specifically, it was a challenge for nerd supremacy known forevermore as the first ever Interweb Gangster Pi-Off. The contenders: West Coast, and East Coast. Up for grabs: bragging rights, and the title of Nerdiest & Gangsta Pi-iest Coast. That’s right folks, the battle was on. With a simple post, a veritable cross-country royal rumble of epic nerdliness was launched. The world would never be the same.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you all of the pictures that I received in the first ever Interweb Gangster Pi-Off (up until Midnight on Pi-Day).  Thank you to all who participated (whether coerced or not).  The level of nerdery that is displayed here is almost too much for this man-nerd to handle.  Almost!

Oh, and given that this was a challenge, there clearly needs to be a winner (although everyone is a winner on Pi-Day1).  The final tally:

  • East Coast Gangsta Pi: 28
  • West Coast Gangsta Pi: 2
  • Special Mentions: 2

Clearly, the East Coast reigns supreme.  Better luck next year West Coast.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Pi-Day.  And an extra High-Pi to all who sent in photos.  Much appreciated.

West Coast Version
East Coast with a smile 🙂
East Coast version of Gangster Pi. Mmmm, Pi.
West Coast
Jenn's extra happy East Coast Gangsta Pi
East coast Gangsta Pi from Almost Dr. Lorna
Victoria and Gerarda: tag team East Coast Gangsta Pi.
More East Coast Gangsta Pi.
The other half of a full gang of math nerds showing off their East Coast Gangsta-Pi.
Half of a full gang of math nerds showing off their East Coast Gangsta-Pi.

Special mentions: these are creative entries that didn’t quite satisfy either East or West Coast Gangsta-Pi styles. However, that does not mean that they aren’t still awesome.

Warren incorporates some chop sticks for his Gangster Pi.
Alan's version of Gangster Pi.

1 Because Pi-Day is all about celebrating our collective awesomeness. Okay, maybe I just made that up. But it sounds like something people can rally behind. w00t!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gangsta Beth says:

    I am blown away by all the gangster pi photos. And a little bit disappointed in my west coast brethren and sistren. Clearly next year I need to employ more coercion.

    Congratulations, East Coast Pi Gangsters, on your well earned victory!

    1. dangillis says:

      I was amazed at the response too. I loved that my class joined in on the fun. Hilarious. They groaned a bit when I suggested it to them, but they were completely into it when I was taking the photo. Awesome.

  2. Rick says:

    This is awesome. Just awesome. Congrats to the East Coast :). Getting the class together… haha, too much! You seem like you’d be that math prof that’s way too into his subject, but everyone secretly loves it :D.

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